Our Services:

Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-up

Content Cleaning and Storage

Water Damage Clean-up and Structural Drying

Mold Remediation


Blood / Bodily Fluid Clean Up & Sanitation:

Blood Cleaning Service, Injury Clean Up, Vehicle / Squad Car Clean Up, Communicable Disease Clean Up

Cleaning / Sanitizing Your Home After A Death:

Homicide / Murder Clean Up, Suicide Clean Up, Unattended Death Clean Up

Hoarding / Crime Scene Clean Up:

Hoarding Clean Up, and Tear Gas Remediation


     Have you or someone you know experienced a traumatic situation? Many people have, and often times these situations can be draining and very overwhelming. Funeral arrangements must be made, family must be contacted, and also, if the deceased lived alone, what will you do with the home? These are all questions that may be on a person's mind following the tragic news. Cleaning up the mess after a death in the dwelling shouldn't be something that you should further burden yourself and or family with especially if there is blood, bodily fluids, or any other potentially infectious materials.

     To ensure that the property of the deceased will be able to be sold or kept, you must hire a professional company to clean and remediate the scene. If the death that occurred left behind traces of blood, tissue, or bodily fluids, you must for your safety and those around you; bring in a professional. No ordinary carpet cleaning company is trained to handle these very serious situations.

     EXTREME TRAUMA REMEDIATION is one such company. We realize that in these situations, you and your family are struggling with multiple burdens. We hope to help alleviate at least a little concern. We train and employ only the best technicians and supervisors who will clean and remediate the dwelling, and ensure that it will be safe to inhabit or sell. Contact EXTREME TRAUMA REMEDIATION today and see what we can do for you.


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