Services - Desiccant Dehumidification

We can dry the structure, the contents and save you thousands in reconstruction costs. Extreme can help by drying drywall, insulation, hardwood floors, wood and metal studs, concrete block, plaster walls, ceiling tiles, and much more.It will also control the environment to inhibit mold growth, as well as condition the environment so damage to computers, operating systems, and building utilities can be minimized.

  • Accelerates concrete curing and reduces moisture levels in concrete flooring
  • Allows for the acclamation and installation of millwork and other moisture sensitive materials before initiation of permanent HVAC system
  • Dramatically reduces microbial growth
  • Prevents contamination of permanent HVAC system prior to move-in
  • Deters warping and damage to mill work and permanent wood fixtures
  • Prevents condensation on interior surfaces
  • Aids in the drying of mud and natural elements, as well as ground thawing
  • Keeps you on schedule! Avoid moisture-related delays!
  • Promotes uniform dry times on the following products: sheetrock compound, paint and sprayed-on fireproofing 


Desiccants greatly reduce the amount of moisture and humidity in a structure in a very short time.  They are also much safer to use in commercial projects than your typical LGR Dehumidifier.  There are no cords or water lines to worry about people triping over.  No trash cans full of water when there is no drain source for the LGR.  Desiccants have no drain lines or electrical cords inside the structure.  The sit outside in the most discreet location as possible and are are ducted in using rigid ducts. For any of your drying needs please call us anytime at 913-791-0060.

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